Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is the largest voluntary crime prevention organisation in the country. Formed in the early 80s, NHW has been successfully operating in Kent since 1991 and is a recognised and successful crime-fighting initiative. NHW is a partnership where like-minded people come together to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and increase community cohesion. It involves the Police, Community Safety departments of local authorities, parish councils and other voluntary organisations and, above all, individuals and families who want to make their neighbourhoods better places to live.

There is a very strong and active Neighbourhood Watch in the Great Chart and Singleton area, supported by the Parish Council.

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My name is Peter New. I am a Police Volunteer with the Kent Police and I work in the Community Neighbourhood Watch Team based at Ashford Police Station albeit I work out in the community.
My background is the Fire Service and when I retired, I was Assistant Chief Officer Head of Operations for the Kent Fire Brigade. It was an excellent job with a full operational and fire prevention aspect to the post. We were very community focused. We were very strong on prevention.
I have brought many of those skills I learned with that work into the police.
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PCSO Reports

We no longer have a dedicated PCSO for the parish. The Kent Police neighbourhood policing model is being embedded across the County and the current Beat Officer responsible for this area is PC Josh Wheatley.

The publication of the monthly newsletter ceased at the start of 2022, in favour of access to My Community Voice. This can be accessed via the following link