Parish Council Office and Community Building


Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council's Ambitious Plans for New Office and Community Space

At Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council, we are committed to serving our community effectively and efficiently. Over time, it has become evident that our current office space in Singleton Village Hall no longer adequately meets our needs nor aligns with our vision for the future.

Current Office Space

Our current office setup consists of two large desks, a printer, and storage facilities. While it has served us well in the past, it no longer accommodates our requirements for growth and modernisation.

Our Vision

To address these challenges and better serve the needs of our community, the Parish Council aspires to build a new structure that will serve as both a modern office space for council operations and a community hub for various activities. Our vision includes:

Modern Office Space: The new building will feature a modern office layout equipped with the necessary facilities to enhance productivity among council members and staff.
Community Space: In addition to office facilities, the building will provide dedicated space for community use, such as meeting rooms, event spaces, and recreational areas. This will foster community engagement and serve as a hub for local activities and initiatives.
Workshop and Garage: Recognising the practical needs of our operations, the new building will include a workshop and garage to house equipment and vehicles, including the parish van. This will ensure efficient maintenance and management of essential resources.

Benefits to the Community

The proposed building project aims to benefit the community in several ways:

Enhanced Services: By providing a modern office space, we can improve our efficiency and responsiveness in serving the needs of residents.
Community Engagement: The inclusion of community spaces will encourage greater participation and collaboration among residents, fostering a sense of belonging and ownership.
Practical Amenities: The workshop and garage facilities will enable us to better maintain our equipment and vehicles, ensuring reliable service delivery to the community.

Next Steps

We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and we hope to make this vision a reality. We are in the early stages, but as we move forward, we will engage with stakeholders and seek input to ensure that the new building meets the diverse needs of our community. If you have any views or comments on this proposal please email them to