Parish Council Environmental Action Plan

The Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council is the first tier of local authority covering the areas of Great Chart, Singleton, and Chilmington. The council’s mission is to deliver and support all projects that help to preserve and protect the environment. The council is taking action as the overwhelming evidence has shown that our changing climate will have an adverse impact on the environment, resulting in stronger storms, heavier rainfalls, flooding and drought. Reducing carbon emissions and helping the council to adapt to new conditions are at the forefront of all parish council decisions. With an Action Plan in place, the council outlines the steps proposing how the actions will be achieved to minimise its impact on climate change and take a lead on local action to bring about positive environmental change. However, this cannot be achieved alone, and it has to be a multi-agency effort in collaboration with borough councils, county councils and local community groups. The area the council is responsible for is large and presents an opportunity to enhance the existing biodiversity and create new habitats. In addition, the council can financially support local community groups through its grant provision to encourage environmental projects.

The Parish Council is proud to announce its commitment to several impactful environmental projects aimed at enhancing biodiversity and supporting local ecosystems. Here is a glimpse into some of the initiatives we have been working on:  

Hedge Planting: Recognising the importance of hedgerows in providing shelter and food for insects and birds, the Parish Council has planted two hedges across the community. These hedges serve as a valuable wildlife corridor, connecting fragmented habitats and promoting biodiversity.  

Meadow Project: In collaboration with Aspire and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we have launched a meadow project aimed at creating vital habitats for pollinators. During the summer months, selected areas are left uncut to encourage the flourishing of pollinator species. To further support biodiversity, the Parish stewards have enriched these areas with Yellow Rattle, which not only aids in grass management but also provides essential resources for pollinators.  

Fruit Tree Planting: As part of our ongoing efforts to increase access to fresh, locally grown produce, the Parish Council supporting the planting of fruit trees within our community. These trees not only beautify our surroundings but also provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy delicious fruit while connecting with nature.