Speed Indicator Device (SID)

speed indicator device

Following concerns from residents, the Parish Council decided to invest in a Speed Indicator Device (SID) to monitor the number and speed of cars using roads at agreed locations around the Parish.

The data we have collected from the designated locations has already helped us to understand the traffic issues better and provided evidence to implement new schemes. Data measuring the speed of cars using Tithe Barn Lane around school run times was passed to Kent County Council to support a request for traffic calming measures. This resulted in a puffin crossing being installed at the crossing between the Singleton Barn and Homestead in 2019.

Further down this page you can see the approved locations that are used for SID, and if you click on the heading link you will be able to access the detailed data that is generated for that area.

Please be aware that the SID the Parish Council owns only collects data on vehicle count and speed, it does not record individual registration details. This is only possible using a Kent County Council approved speed camera.

Please also be aware that the Parish Council is restricted to 6 approved locations across the parish, and these locations need to meet the following criteria set by Kent County Council:
·       Needs to be in a 30mph zone
·       On a relatively straight section of road
·       Must not obscure any statutory road signage or features (bus stops, junctions, etc)
·       Must be visible to motorists at an acceptable approach distance

Therefore, although we are happy to explore alternative locations, it is not always possible to achieve.

The Parish Council has SID data going back to November 2018, covering various measurements. If you are interested in accessing the more historic data, or have any other questions please feel free to contact the Clerk on TheClerk@greatchartsingleton-pc.gov.uk

Knoll Lane

On Knoll Lane SID is placed near to the Harvest Way junction. It can face in either direction.

Tithe Barn Lane

On Tithe Barn Lane SID is placed near to the Oxen Lease junction. It can face in either direction.

The Street

On The Street SID is placed near to the allotments as you drive up the hill towards the church. 

Singleton Hill

On Singleton Hill SID is placed near to the bus stop as you drive up the hill towards the roundabout. 


In December 2019, following concerns raised by the Parish Council, a KCC traffic survey was carried out along Hoxton Close to monitor speeds and usage numbers. The results can be seen in the ATC Summary Report Document.