Highways Proposals for The Street Great Chart 2020

Published: 24 September 2020

Dear residents,

After what seems to be an eternity since we had a meeting in the village hall to discuss
Highways previous proposals to reduce the speed and ‘rat running’ through The Street
Highways have now produced a revised set of proposals. At the previous meeting the
overwhelming opinion of residents who completed a questionnaire was to either close The
Street or to restrict through traffic to buses and farm vehicles. Highways have investigated
this option and the parish council has been informed that this is not possible as Stagecoach
is not able to have an alternative route for the village service and automated barriers would
be too expensive to install and maintain.

The following diagrams indicate Highways current proposals for The Street which they
would like residents to examine and comment on, so that they can get a consensus of
opinion to allow them to proceed with hopefully formulating a final solution.

Due to the current restrictions, a meeting in the village hall is not possible, but giving
residents a copy of the traffic calming proposals to comment upon is the best alternative
at present to get feedback for Highways.

Please examine the various suggestions for traffic calming, each section is detailed
separately. Please make your comments on the attached sheet for additions and
amendments. It would be very helpful if you can highlight positive aspects as well!
Having gone backwards and forwards with proposals for traffic calming and ‘rat running’
with Highways for several years it would be advantageous if we could collectively as
residents find sufficient common ground to get a scheme off the ground, especially as the
parish council has set aside some funds to allow Highways to implement agreed work.
Once residents comments have been collated, hopefully we will have a consensus that will
allow Highways to modify their proposals to produce a calmer street with less appeal to
‘rat runners’.

Paul Tate
Parish Councillor for Great Chart

To see the detailed diagrams and comment forms, please click on Highways Proposals for The Street Great Chart 2020