Maintaining Vegetation

Published: 07 June 2019

Dear Resident

Every year throughout the spring and summer KCC Highways & Transportation receive numerous complaints regarding trees, hedges and other vegetation, which overhang the highway from private property. This matter can pose a number of problems for people trying to use the footways, especially if they are trying to pass with buggies, wheelchairs and scooters. It would be greatly appreciated if you could ensure that any trees and hedges that are bordering the Highway are maintained and cut back to your boundary which would greatly benefit all Highway users. This will help us all keep the highway safe and prevent the need for KCC Highways & Transportation writing to you requesting that you cut back your vegetation.

So that you are aware of our requirements, please refer to the text below.

If the boundary of your property borders the footway, then please be aware that:

  • The full width of the footway/pavement must be available for use by pedestrians.
  • As well, there must be a minimum height clearance over the footway/pavement of 2.1 metres/7 feet for any vegetation.
If the boundary of your property borders the carriageway, then please be aware that:
  • If you have vegetation that overhangs into the road, there must be a minimum height clearance of 5 metres/16 feet to accommodate buses and HGVs that may use the road. 
  • If your property is rural, then vegetation should be 0.45 metres/11/2 feet behind the edge of the road and all signs need to be kept clear of foliage.

Also, we would ask that you pay special attention to your trees, hedges and vegetation if your property is on or near a junction, and/or inside the bend of the road, to maintain maximum visibility for road users.

Thank you for the time taken to read this article and we wish you a pleasant summer.

Yours sincerely
Ashford Highways Operations Team
Kent County Council